FTW Tournament

Posted by Ulciscor - Apr 13 2015

The first Freax Tower Wars tournament will be on Friday, 22nd May at 8:00 pm CEST! We already have some strong teams and if you want to participate you can do it by joining the "Freax Tournament" group (Link: battlenet://starcraft/group/2/265432). You can find additional information about this event in the group.

Freax Tower Wars 4.0 released

Posted by Ulciscor - Sep 25 2014

Today we released our 4.0 version of Freax Tower Wars with a new race: Warriors! All towers are melee range and the special tower increases the range of nearby towers slightly. It also has an active ability which increases the attack speed of nearby towers for a short time.
We also re-enabled the Inaccurate Masters and we improved the overall performance even more. It should be possible to play the game with more than 30fps in almost all situations depending on your CPU.

Update: 4.1 released with some balance changes and bug fixes on the new race.

FTW Performance Update

Posted by Ulciscor - Sep 21 2014

We released a new Freax Tower Wars Update with huge performance improvements and some other new features like a new statistics screen at the end of the game. The performance should be way better than before and we fixed several towers that dropped the FPS to 0 to 1.
This was the first part of a new bigger update. A new race is also included, but needs some more testing before we enable it. We are still working on the performance. Inaccurate Masters race still needs some more work before we re-enable it. Both races the new one and Masters should be enabled during the next 1-2 weeks.
We also plan to redesign the start of the game a bit in order to make it for new players easier to get in.
If you're looking for some players

Freax Arena Public Beta started!

Posted by Ulciscor - Mar 08 2014

Today the Freax Arena public Beta has started! Feel free to play it and leave us some feedback in our forum.
Just search for Freax Arena in the Arcade section of StarCraft II. You don't even need to buy StarCraft II. You just need the free Starter Edition. Or click the following link when your StarCraft II is installed:

Watch the Freax Arena Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gog8eesM0tY

Freax Arena current state

Posted by Ulciscor - Oct 10 2013

In the last news we told you that we changed the gameplay and today we tell you a bit about these changes.

Let's start with the bases your hero can build. In our tests building a small base was pretty hard and very annoying to defend or the base was never found. As a result bases were built rarely, so we decided to change this system:
You are not able to build a base by yourself anymore. Instead there are four bigger bases on the map which are owned by neutral creeps. You have to capture and defend these and you are still able to buy some units there. These fortresses also grant bonus vespene gas and team score, so they are very important. We think this solution provides a way better game experience and much more fun.

The next change I want to talk about is the quest system. There is one huge but simple change: We removed the quests. We thought it could be very funny to do these with your team while the other team tries to deny it but it's not that easy as we thought. We replaced the quests by some more events that work like team quests. Here are some examples:
Some random enemy units appear and attack your fortresses. You have to defend your fortress or the neutral creeps will capture it back. In an other event cargo trucks are on the way to every fortress so you have to kill the trucks going for the enemy fortresses and you need to defend your own. I really like these events/quests with different objectives for each team. Another example for this kind of events is a neutral random positioned nuclear missile silo which will shoot at a certain fortress. One team wants to kill it while the other team tries to defend it. And if your team is not able to defend it you can just capture this fortress while the whole enemy team is fighting somewhere else. You always need to think about the situation and outthink your opponents.
There are also some events which are the same for both teams e.g. killing a neutral boss or base.

At last I want to present you a new kind of shop: The upgrade shop. Here you can improve basic stats like health and damage but it is much more expensive than normal items and you are not able to sell these upgrades so you should only use it if you already have many expensive items or if there are no good items for your play style due to the random and limited assortment.
I hope you have a better idea of the current state now and we are targeting a release in December or January!

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