New project: Reach and Breach

Posted by Ulciscor - 21 Sep 2015

Reach and Breach is my (Ulciscor) Arcade game for the current Rock the Cabinet contest. It's a mix of Tower Wars and Tug of War maps, so it's probably an interesting game for our Freax Tower Wars fans. You don't have to wait that long. The Open Beta starts 21 September 18:00 CEST!

For now I just want to tell you about the gameplay:
Like in Tower Wars games you have to send units to your enemy and use towers to defend. In this game you only send 4 different unit types. But you can upgrade your units to eventually destroy the enemy's base. Not just the enemy's base has to be destroyed, so the damage of your sent units is important. In fact you have to destroy gates first and you might encounter enemy attackers in some areas on their path. In addition to basic life and damage upgrades each unit type has own special upgrades. Some of them increase a special stat, others unlock additional abilities.
There are two lanes to defend and you can choose which lane you want to send your attackers. As mentioned before there are gates that block the path and you can't build a maze like in FTW. You have to build towers next to the path near the gates.
Since you won't increase your income by sending units there are two different ways to increase your gold: The first and easy way is to construct and upgrade a gold mine. The other way rewards playing offensive: There are 4 neutral unit camps on the map. Killing these units grants your whole team gold and these units respawn after some time. So you can choose if you want to focus on defense and upgrade your gold mine or if you want to control the whole map and secure as much gold from neutral units as possible.
A huge help at pushing is the Dragon. It spawn every few minutes and your and your enemy's attackers will fight to make the Dragon push for you.
The last important fact about the gameplay: You have very limited food which can be increased by building and upgrading a farm. Both attackers and towers need food, so you really want to make sure you have enough available when you see a huge enemy attack wave and have to construct additional towers or when neutral units or the Dragon about to spawn and you want to secure your rewards before the enemy does.

And finally after a wall of text here is a first screenshot. And as mentioned above you will be able to play the game yourself very soon!


Videos will come as well soon.

Freax Entertainment current status

Posted by Ulciscor - 10 Sep 2015

Here is a small update what we're currently working on:
  • We have stopped working on our last project Freax Arena. At this time we don't have any plans to continue this project. The gameplay design has too many issues and it would need way too much additional work. Even after that huge amount of work I don't think this would be a great game.
  • Since Blizzard announced the Rock the Cabinet 2015 contest I (Ulciscor) started working on an entirely new game which should be more interesting for players who like Freax Tower Wars. We will showcase our new project next week. The project has made great progress so far and a Beta open for everyone is planned later this month!
  • New Freax Tower Wars updates won't come before the end of the Rock the Cabinet contest. But I think it's time for something new, so I'm planning a bigger update with a new race for December.
  • New website: The current website contains a lot of outdated stuff. I'm already working on a new website with a new design and updated information. Your forum account and posts will be untouched but the design and structure will change. We will need new forums for the new game and we will merge the Freax Arena forums.

Freax Tower Wars 4.7

Posted by Ulciscor - 15 May 2015

Today we released a small update for FTW which includes a new mode and some small bug fixes. The new mode allows you to change the sell refund value from 100% to 75%. So you really have to think if you need that additional tower or upgrade.

FTW Tournament

Posted by Ulciscor - 13 Apr 2015

The first Freax Tower Wars tournament will be on Friday, 22nd May at 8:00 pm CEST! We already have some strong teams and if you want to participate you can do it by joining the "Freax Tournament" group (Link: battlenet://starcraft/group/2/265432). You can find additional information about this event in the group.

Freax Tower Wars 4.0 released

Posted by Ulciscor - 25 Sep 2014

Today we released our 4.0 version of Freax Tower Wars with a new race: Warriors! All towers are melee range and the special tower increases the range of nearby towers slightly. It also has an active ability which increases the attack speed of nearby towers for a short time.
We also re-enabled the Inaccurate Masters and we improved the overall performance even more. It should be possible to play the game with more than 30fps in almost all situations depending on your CPU.

Update: 4.1 released with some balance changes and bug fixes on the new race.

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